Learn from the pros ! 2023

The Last 4 remaining teams before Super Bowl . Dallas , Eagles, Chiefs & Tampa bay all succeeded and all but 1 will fail to be Super Bowl champs. The best teams impact the game for a period of 3-4 years at a clip. These teams have retained talent to win differently. 1 team builds from within mostly drafting ,others buy what they need. In semi pro football we often believe in the man, we get emotionally connected. Because of and for each other we want to win. We share the sacrifice 🌟, we share the dream. It adds the greatest degree of difficulty to our approach . Success means more, is more sweet, is more bonding & allows me to want to do it again and again and ……….. “WE ARE THE CENTRAL JERSEY VIKINGS BUILT TO WIN AND WIN AND ……2023 return of the 🐐”

It’s all Good: I’ll tell you how

When things don’t go your way ? Was it a bad plan or beyond your control. Does it make you feel bad, not me! It means I have more to fix, learn and recruit. The Vikings want to be legendary. Not just good for a season. Our aim keeps us focused on goals and results needed to be great. Each year we make strong steps forward. We are working to make 2023 special in a winning way. Remember ” lead, follow, or get out of the way”! 2023 a winning way for CJVIKINGS.