Recruiting: what kind of players?

When we call a player a dawg it’s done out of respect & honor.

A dawg protects his house fiercely, protects his family without fail, comes to help friends, will lick his wounds & continue to fight for his territory. Dawgs hunt in packs, attacks enemy’s , will fight for family, has a big heart! …..has savage intensity & bite is bigger than his bark…..The Vikings are hunting a Championship…we want dawgs , all sizes , just dawgs. Central Jersey Vikings

Thanksgiving blessings 2021 season ?

Not bad for a 1st year group! 2021 was 1st year most players on CJVIKINGS have played together. We were #1 rushing team in the league. Our offensive line came to play every game. Our defense improved play throughout the season. We earned a playoff spot. We will return 60% of this group! Wait until next year has already begun…..recruit recruit recruit 2022 the Vikings are coming !